Obama and Equal Pay For Women

Washington (agencies). The United States President, Barack Obama, spoke Saturday in favour of equal pay for women, emphasizing a topic of great importance to the Democrats, who seek to capture the women’s vote with a view to the upcoming elections.

«It is unfair. And in 2014, is a shame. Women deserve to earn the same for doing the same job», said Obama in his Saturday radio and Internet message.

Obama banned this week by an executive order that federal contractors take reprisals against employees who talk about their salaries.The order is considered to be a way so that women are better informed about their income.

«This is an economic issue that affects us all. Women make up about half of our workforce. And, increasingly, many of them are the mainstay of our families. So when women earn a fair wage, it benefits us all», added the President.

Obama also used his letter to criticize the Republican ‘lock’ to the proposals of his party once again to fight wage inequality. «This is the problem: when it comes to resolving issues that would benefit millions of women, Congressional Republicans block progress steadily», said.

In the weekly Republican message, the legislator by Washington, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, said that the economy has hurt women in the country during the Obama administration.

She said that the Republican proposals to help small businesses and increase jobs benefit both women and men.

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