Today In History: April 13 1997

On April 13, 1997 , the American golfer Tiger Woods , 21 , becomes the youngest champion of the prestigious Masters Tournament at Augusta, Georgia. Woods won his first professional tournament golf in 12 strokes, the largest margin of victory of the twentieth century, and only with respect to the second within 13 strokes of the Old Tom Morris at the British Open in 1862. Their score of 18 under pair broke the record of 270 Masters of 17 under par 271, Jack Nicklaus 32 years. Woods was the youngest man to win the Masters Tournament for two years and the first American golfer of Asian or African descent to win a major golf championship . His entry into the international circuit in 1996 electrified the golf world, and won multitudes of new fans to the sport. In late 1997 , Woods was located at the first position worldwide and in 2000, at age 24, became the youngest player to have won all the major titles of golf: the Masters Tournament , Championship PGA , the U.S. Open and British Open .

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