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Trump se consolida entre republicanos y Clinton aumenta su ventaja

El senador Marco Rubio pasa al segundo lugar en el campo republicano y se convierte en la mayor amenaza para Hillary Clinton en una hipotética carrera entre ambos. Voz de América – Redacción 02.12.2015 Once meses antes de la elección presidencial de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump y Hillary Clinton, son los indiscutibles líderes en los […]Load more...

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Some Republican States Finding Medicaid Expansion More Palatable

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA – President Barack Obama’s plan to extend health coverage to millions of poor Americans remains highly contentious, yet it is gaining momentum among several initially reluctant states where financial pragmatism is trumping ideology. Up to a dozen states, including several led by Republicans, could move forward with plans to expand coverage under Medicaid after […]Load more...

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Obama and Equal Pay For Women

Washington (agencies). The United States President, Barack Obama, spoke Saturday in favour of equal pay for women, emphasizing a topic of great importance to the Democrats, who seek to capture the women’s vote with a view to the upcoming elections. «It is unfair. And in 2014, is a shame. Women deserve to earn the same for doing the same […]Load more...