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Obama Says Trump ‘Unfit’ to Be US President

Ken Bredemeier The backlash against U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump escalated Tuesday for his critical comments about a Muslim-American couple whose son was killed fighting for the U.S. in Iraq in 2004. President Barack Obama said at the White House that Trump, a real estate tycoon seeking elected office for the first time, is […]readmore


Obama Focuses on Future, Need For Unity

William Gallo President Barack Obama is delivering his seventh and final State of the Union address, touting his accomplishments as president, focusing on his vision for the country’s future and discussing the need to heal its deep political divides. Speaking to a packed House of Representatives chamber in the U.S. Capitol, Obama acknowledged that the […]readmore


Obama Vetoes Bill to Repeal Key Healthcare Law

Amanda Scott US President Barack Obama has vetoed legislation that would repeal major portions of his signature domestic achievement: the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The bill would also defund the reproductive health organization Planned Parenthood. «Because of the harm this bill would cause to the health and financial security of millions of […]readmore


During Town Hall, Obama Takes Aim at NRA

Days after announcing new executive actions meant to reduce gun violence, President Barack Obama made his pitch to the public Thursday at a town hall style meeting, where he lashed out at the nation’s largest gun rights group. During the hour-long forum hosted by CNN, Obama accused the powerful National Rifle Association of having a […]readmore

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Pentagon Thwarts Obama’s Effort to Close Guantanamo

Reuters December 28, 2015 WASHINGTON—In September, U.S. State Department officials invited a foreign delegation to the Guantanamo Bay detention center to persuade the group to take detainee Tariq Ba Odah to their country. If they succeeded, the transfer would mark a small step toward realizing President Barack Obama’s goal of closing the prison before he […]readmore


Poll: Obama, Hillary Clinton America’s ‘Most Admired’

VOA News December 28, 2015 President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton top the list of America’s “most admired” man and woman, respectively, according to polling organization Gallup. Seventeen percent of Americans cited Obama as their most admired, while 13 percent chose Clinton, Gallup said. Clinton has topped the list 20 times, with […]readmore

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Obama Lays Groundwork for Final Year in Office

VOA News President Barack Obama laid the groundwork Friday for his last year in office, vowing not to fade into the background but instead to «leave it all out on the field» in 2016. During a wide-ranging year-end news conference, Obama touted big wins for his administration, citing diplomacy with Iran and Cuba, the passage […]readmore

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Obama Scores Major Victory on Health Care Ruling

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court has upheld the nationwide tax subsidies under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, in a ruling that preserves health insurance for millions of Americans. The justices said in a 6-3 ruling Thursday that the subsidies that 8.7 million people currently receive to make insurance affordable do not depend on where they live, […]readmore

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France Calls Alleged US Eavesdropping ‘Unacceptable’

French President Francois Hollande’s office says allegations the U.S. eavesdropped on his phone calls and those of his two predecessors are «unacceptable» and adds that France will not tolerate anything that threatens its security. Hollande released the statement Wednesday after meeting with his defense council to discuss the release by WikiLeaks of documents saying that the U.S. […]readmore