Russia Risks «Political & Economic Isolation»

Vice President, Joe Biden, said that if Russia continues on its «dark road» it faces «political and economic isolation», during his visit to Lithuania on Wednesday.

«Russia has chosen to respond with military aggression, a referendum virtually rejected by the entire world, illegal efforts to annex Crimea and now reports of armed attacks against Ukrainian military personnel and installations in Crimea,» he said.

«I want to make it clear: we remain firmly with our Baltic partners in support of the Ukrainian people against the Russian aggression.» While Russia goes down this dark path they will face a growing political and economic isolation».

Biden spoke a day after the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a treaty to annex the region of Crimea to Russia.

The United States and other nations have qualified it as violation of international law.

According to the Vice-President, the United States has the responsibility, covered by the Treaty from NATO, to defend Member Nations «very, very, seriously».

Biden met Wednesday with the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, President of Latvia, Andris Berzins.

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