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Trump: I Never Worked for Russia’

VOA News/Ken Bredemeier U.S. President Donald Trump declared Monday, «I never worked for Russia,» days after news reports suggested he might be beholden to Russia and President Vladimir Putin. «I think it’s a disgrace you even asked that question,» Trump told a reporter who queried him about his ties to Russia outside the White House […]readmore

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85 Russian Athletes Barred from Rio Olympics Over Doping

VOA News At least 85 Russian athletes for the national Olympic team of 387 members have been barred from the Rio Games to date because of the country’s doping scandal. International federations in canoeing and modern pentathlon ruled out seven athletes Tuesday, including an Olympic gold medalist, following earlier rulings in swimming and rowing. Some […]readmore

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US-Russia Talks Focus on Syria, IS, Ukraine

Pamela Dockins December 15, 2015 MOSCOW—Saying the first two rounds of talks on a political transition in Syria are a “strong beginning,” Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States and Russia have the ability to make a “significant difference” in Syria’s crisis. He commented Tuesday at the start of talks with Russian President […]readmore

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US, Russia to Discuss Alleged Nuclear Treaty Violations

STATE DEPARTMENT—The State Department is leading a U.S. delegation that will meet with Russian officials in Moscow Thursday to discuss Russia’s alleged violation of provisions in the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces accord.The United States says Russia has conducted tests involving ground-based intermediate-range missiles. The move would violate provisions of the 1987 INF Treaty, which is […]readmore

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NATO Chief Dismisses Putin’s Ukraine Plan

  NEWPORT, WALES—NATO’s secretary-general has dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s seven-step plan to end the fighting in eastern Ukraine, as alliance leaders gathered in Britain for their first summit in two years. Anders Fogh Rasmussen derided Putin’s approach as a “so-called peace plan.” Rasmussen said what counts is what is happening on the ground in […]readmore

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NATO to Russia: Stop ‘Illegal’ Military Operations in Ukraine

NATO has called on Russia to cease its «illegal military operations» in eastern Ukraine, which it says are aimed at destabilizing the country. The comments by NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Friday followed an emergency meeting in Brussels to discuss the worsening crisis. Rasmussen, referencing satellite images released by his organization Thursday, said it […]readmore

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Ukraine Government Requests the Dispatch of Peacekeeping Troops

The President of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, called for the deployment of peacekeeping troops in the east of the country, where Russian activists continue occupying government buildings. Turchynov issued his statement after pro-Russian groups attacked another government official in the city of Horlivka on Monday. Video scenes show more than a hundred activists attacking the building […]readmore

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Merkel and Putin Discuss Solution to Diplomatic Crisis in Ukraine

The German spokesman for the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said that the German leader and Russian President, Vladimir Putin, discussed by phone possible measures to stabilize the situation in Ukraine and Transnistria, a breakaway territory between Moldova and Ukraine. In a telephone conversation with Merkel, Russian President confirmed that he gave the order for withdrawal of […]readmore

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Russia Risks «Political & Economic Isolation»

Vice President, Joe Biden, said that if Russia continues on its «dark road» it faces «political and economic isolation», during his visit to Lithuania on Wednesday. «Russia has chosen to respond with military aggression, a referendum virtually rejected by the entire world, illegal efforts to annex Crimea and now reports of armed attacks against Ukrainian military personnel and […]readmore

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Putin Calls On US to Stop Cold War Rhetoric

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, called on United States to halt the «hysteria and cold war rhetoric,» during a special session with Russian parliamentarians. He said the West has «exceeded in Ukraine and behaved irresponsibly». Moreover, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said that the sanctions will not remain unanswered, but it did […]readmore