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Arde un depósito de combustible en una localidad rusa próxima

DW – Los servicios secretos rusos afirman haber detenido a siete agentes ucranianos acusados de planear sabotajes. Desde la costa se aprecia el humo del incendio, a diez kilómetros del puente que une Crimea con el territorio ruso. Un depósito de combustible se incendió por la noche en la aldea rusa de Volna, cerca del […]readmore

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Bosnian Serbs Want to Follow Crimea’s Example

The Case of Crimea, and the ease with which it seems to have been resolved, spans other European territories who sympathize with Russia. The Serbian Republic of Bosnia – the so-called Republika Srpska-, forming one country with the region inhabited by Bosniak Muslims and Croats, as they establish the peace accords that ended the war (1992-1995) is […]readmore

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Russian Economy Could Contract By 1.8% If Deepens Crisis Over

The World Bank warned that Russia’s economy could suffer a contraction of up to 1.8% if the crisis that arose as a result of the annexation of the Crimea region deepens. The report published by the World Bank indicates that an intensification of the political tension could generate greater economic uncertainty and further reduce confidence […]readmore

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Russian Forces Board a Ukrainian Ship In Crimea

Crimea reports that Russian forces boarded a boat of the Ukrainian Navy in Donuzlav Bay on the West coast of the peninsula. Konstantin Olshanskii was one of the two boats still sailing with the Ukrainian flag. Earlier, Kiev lost control of its last military base in the region, that of Feodosia. The Acting President of […]readmore

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The EU Meets To Discuss Response To Russia

European Union leaders met from 14:30 GMT in Brussels to discuss a new response to block the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian region of Crimea. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said that the EU leaders would agree to new sanctions against Moscow. Merkel said before the Parliament of her country that Russia’s actions meant that […]readmore

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Russia Risks «Political & Economic Isolation»

Vice President, Joe Biden, said that if Russia continues on its «dark road» it faces «political and economic isolation», during his visit to Lithuania on Wednesday. «Russia has chosen to respond with military aggression, a referendum virtually rejected by the entire world, illegal efforts to annex Crimea and now reports of armed attacks against Ukrainian military personnel and […]readmore

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Putin Calls On US to Stop Cold War Rhetoric

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, called on United States to halt the «hysteria and cold war rhetoric,» during a special session with Russian parliamentarians. He said the West has «exceeded in Ukraine and behaved irresponsibly». Moreover, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said that the sanctions will not remain unanswered, but it did […]readmore

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Tens of Thousands March in Moscow

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Russian capital, Moscow, in opposing demonstrations: those supporting the involvement of Russia in Ukraine, and those who are against it. Government supporters shouted «Crimea is Russian land», while opponents said that the presence of Russian troops on the Ukrainian peninsula was «shameful». The […]readmore