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¿Qué se sabe hasta ahora de la nueva cepa del

La Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) sostiene que no hay necesidad de alarma ante el brote de la nueva cepa que se expande por Europa. Al tiempo que las nuevas vacunas contra el COVID-19 comienzan a distribuirse, una nueva cepa de coronavirus detectada en el Reino Unido ha saltado las alarmas a nivel internacional, con […]readmore

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Saldo económico del coronavirus se hace global

VOA News Foto: Personas usando máscaras de protección en Florencia, al tiempo que Italia lucha contra un brote de coronavirus. 7 marzo 2020. Siete semanas después de la confirmación del primer caso del nuevo coronavirus en Estados Unidos, la diseminación del virus ha causado extensos daños a sectores clave de la economía. Las aerolíneas están […]readmore

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Today In History: April 16 1917

On this date, Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia to take the reins of the Russian revolution. Although exiled in Siberia and Europe for his revolutionary activities, Vladimir Lenin was able to strengthen his Bolshevik Party through his oratory and literary skill. With Russia plunged into chaos by World War I and the abdication of Tsar Nicolás II, […]readmore

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Ukraine Regains Control of Military Airfield in the East

The President of Ukraine, Olexander Turchynov, said that Ukrainian forces retook control of a military airport in Kramatorsk, in Eastern Ukraine, after fighting against pro-Russian separatists. Earlier, Turchynov had informed the Parliament, that it had begun an operation to evict pro Russians fighters that occupied government buildings in the east of the country. According to various […]readmore

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US and Ukraine Sign $1 Billion Loan Guarantee

The Secretary of the US Treasury, Jack Lew, and Ukrainian Finance Minister, Oleksandr Shlapak signed Monday in Washington the agreement whereby the United States will help with one billion of dollars to Ukraine with the aim of supporting the reforms for stabilize the Ukrainian economy. The line of loan guarantees, which had already been approved by Congress at the beginning of the […]readmore


Traumatic Experiences Can Be Inherited From Parent to Child

Can a traumatic experience, or any change in our lifestyle be transmitted genetically to our children? This phenomenon, called Epigenetic inheritance has been linked in a multitude of diseases, from obesity to psychiatric problems like bipolar disorder where there is a gene that is clearly identified. But up to this date, no mechanism by which this occurs has been identified. A team of […]readmore

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Today In History: March 21 1804

Promulgation of the Napoleonic Civil Code It was the cornerstone of the great legislative work of Napoleón Bonaparte and one of his great political successes Since General Bonaparte rose to power in France, with the coup of 18 Brumaire (9 November 1799), one of his goals as leader of the country was to achieve France’s […]readmore

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The EU Meets To Discuss Response To Russia

European Union leaders met from 14:30 GMT in Brussels to discuss a new response to block the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian region of Crimea. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said that the EU leaders would agree to new sanctions against Moscow. Merkel said before the Parliament of her country that Russia’s actions meant that […]readmore

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Today In History: March 20 1727

Death of Isaac Newton His enormous prestige earned him the title of Sir and upon his death receiving State honors. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. On March 20, 1727 died the scientist whose theories marked the path of physics to the relativity of Einstein, Isaac Newton. In 1661 he joined Trinity College, Cambridge, where his […]readmore

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Russia Risks «Political & Economic Isolation»

Vice President, Joe Biden, said that if Russia continues on its «dark road» it faces «political and economic isolation», during his visit to Lithuania on Wednesday. «Russia has chosen to respond with military aggression, a referendum virtually rejected by the entire world, illegal efforts to annex Crimea and now reports of armed attacks against Ukrainian military personnel and […]readmore