New Method Detects Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer


Researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, developed a new method to diagnose early cancer of the pancreas.

«We have high hopes that the method allows us to detect early cases (…) in a phase in which cancer can still be treated or stopped», declared a doctor of Sahlgrenska University hospital in Gothenburg, Karolina Jabbar.

It is like an ordinary endoscopy, with the difference being that a tube emits an ultrasound and allows you to see the organ much better to remove fluid. This is very valuable because doctors can determine what stage the cancer is at.

This procedure, which allows you to limit the use of surgery, could begin to be used within five years.

Pancreatic cancer tends to expand rapidly through the body and is particularly lethal, since in many cases it is only discovered once it has advanced beyond the pancreas.

Patients who are not treated usually die three to six months later and the survival rate of five years later is just 4%.