Files Deleted From Flight Simulator

Authorities investigating the disappearance of flight MH370 are analyzing data from the flight simulator pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah had in his house, but found that several files were deleted recently.

«There are some deleted information, we tried to recover it,» acknowledged the Minister of Defense of Malaysia, Hishamudin Husein who added that they are calling international experts to examine records of the simulator.

Sources close to the investigation revealed that the program that was kept in the pilot’s house had simulations of landings in Maldives, Sri Lanka, South India and at the US military base of Diego Garcia, data that were not confirmed or denied at the press conference given by the Minister.

Meanwhile, it also emerged that inhabitants of the island Kuda Huvadhoo, located in Maldives, saw a big ship «flying at low altitude and noisy ‘ on 8 March around 6:15 am. However, knowing this information Minister Husein was clear and said «the information that the aircraft would have been seen in the Maldives (…), is not true».