Newly Discovered Faberge Easter Egg To Be Showcased

An Easter egg valued at $33 million, which was made by the Russian jeweler Carl Fabergé and which had been found by a scrap dealer in a market of antiques in the United States, will be exhibiting at the Wartski of London Gallery the first Monday in April.

The piece, carved in gold and decorated with diamonds and sapphires, was purchased by its current owner, who asked not be revealed, for $ 8,000 by a man who wanted to use the egg’s metal for scrap, considering that it didn’t have much value.

Although at first he did not know what it was, the current owner of the piece felt that the egg was worth much more than the price of a trinket in a market of antiques and decided to offer the $ 8,000 to the scrap dealer to save the valuable jewel.

Eventually he discovered that it was an imperial Easter egg, made by Fabergé for Russian royalty.

The egg contains a Vacheron Constantin watch which was given by Alexander III to his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna for Easter in 1887. 

It was last seen at an exhibition in St Petersburg in March 1902 and last recorded in Moscow in 1922.

Wartski, specialist in the Russian jeweller House, confirmed the authenticity of the work.

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