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Aprendiz medico

Brown Medical Student Katie Brooks, MD

Katie Brooks is this week’s Medical Apprentice. She speaks fluent Spanish and said that she decided to become a doctor later in life. While in college she majored in Political Science, taking classes in sociology and Hispanic Studies. She also worked as a social worker in Philadelphia, working primarily with AIDs patients. Through her interactions […]readmore


Traumatic Experiences Can Be Inherited From Parent to Child

Can a traumatic experience, or any change in our lifestyle be transmitted genetically to our children? This phenomenon, called Epigenetic inheritance has been linked in a multitude of diseases, from obesity to psychiatric problems like bipolar disorder where there is a gene that is clearly identified. But up to this date, no mechanism by which this occurs has been identified. A team of […]readmore

Noticias del mundo Salud

Body of Pakistan Polio Campaign Worker Found

Police in Northwest Pakistan found the body of a health worker in a field near the city of Peshawar. Salma Ghani was taken by force from her residence on Sunday by a group of unidentified armed men. According to the authorities, Ghani was tortured and shot several times. Her family believes that she was kidnapped […]readmore

Noticias del mundo Salud

Why There Are More Than Twice As Many Children With

Each year millions of people die unnecessarily of tuberculosis (TB). The lack of education and health care access, poverty and armed conflicts are some of the reasons. But perhaps the most serious is the lack of knowledge. On World TB Day, it is important to shine a spotlight on this devastating disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) […]readmore