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Putin Calls On US to Stop Cold War Rhetoric

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, called on United States to halt the «hysteria and cold war rhetoric,» during a special session with Russian parliamentarians. He said the West has «exceeded in Ukraine and behaved irresponsibly». Moreover, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said that the sanctions will not remain unanswered, but it did […]Load more...

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Greenpeace Breaks Into French Nuclear Plant

More than 60 environmental activists of the non governmental organization Greenpeace entered a nuclear plantmanaged by the company EDF  in Fessenheim, in eastern France, to protest the vulnerability of nuclear facilities. Members of the Group hung a banner with the words ‘Stop jeopardizing Europe’. Greenpeace appealed to European Governments to cut the use of nuclear energy. The […]Load more...

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Princess Diana Leaked Information To The Press

The late Princess Diana of Wales handed her personal confidential phone book to a tabloid because she wanted to «charge» against her then husband, Prince Charles, the heir to the British Throne, according to testimony presented in a London Court by Clive Goodman, former editor of the tabloid News of the World. Goodman, who made […]Load more...