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Just How Big is the Markup on Movie Theater Food?

We all know that movie-theater food is expensive: The concession stand employees should give you your large Coke before they ring it up, just so you can do a proper spit take when you hear the price. This is just a fact of life we have to accept, like sticky theater floors and shared-armrest jousting. […]readmore

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The WTO Predicts Upturn in World Trade in 2014

Global trade is expected to pick up in 2014 after two years of decline, according to the World Trade Organization. The Organization, based in Geneva, predicts a trade growth of 4.7%, more than double from the previous year. But he warned that only in 2015 will global trade return to the average level of the […]readmore


Raimondo Rolls Out Part Four of Her Blueprint for Rhode

BRISTOL – Rhode Island has incredible resources — a gorgeous coastline, top-notch restaurants, a thriving arts scene and a rich history — but we are not best utilizing these resources to drive our economy. As we continue to struggle with the highest unemployment rate in the country, we have to take advantage of our state’s […]readmore

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Russian Economy Could Contract By 1.8% If Deepens Crisis Over

The World Bank warned that Russia’s economy could suffer a contraction of up to 1.8% if the crisis that arose as a result of the annexation of the Crimea region deepens. The report published by the World Bank indicates that an intensification of the political tension could generate greater economic uncertainty and further reduce confidence […]readmore


Mayor Taveras Launches Storefront Improvement Program to Revitalize Building Facades

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Angel Taveras, joined by local business owners and business leaders, announced the launch of a new storefront improvement program this morning. The program will support the revitalization of building facades and small businesses across Providence. The initiative is one of the steps identified in Mayor Taveras’ 20-point economic development plan, Putting […]readmore


Raimondo and Fung «engage in destructive political games,» says Ken

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Block says Democrat Gina Raimondo and Republican Allan Fung are «engaging in destructive political games instead of working to solve the state’s problems.» «There is one main reason why Rhode Island has wound up as one of the worst states for jobs in the country: career politicians who pander for votes […]readmore


Lorne Adrain announced his candidacy for Mayor of Providence

Lorne Adrain announces bid for mayor of Providence (Feb. 3, 2014) – Fox Point resident and community leader Lorne Adrain announced his candidacy for Mayor of Providence today at the Friendship Café. In front of family, friends, community leaders and supporters. Adrain said, «Today is about returning potential, possibility and promise to everyone in this […]readmore