Mayor Taveras Launches Storefront Improvement Program to Revitalize Building Facades

 Mayor Taveras Launches Storefront Improvement Program to Revitalize Building Facades

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Angel Taveras, joined by local business owners and business

leaders, announced the launch of a new storefront improvement program this morning.

The program will support the revitalization of building facades and small businesses

across Providence. The initiative is one of the steps identified in Mayor Taveras’

20-point economic development plan, Putting Providence Back to Work.


«Providence is known for its diverse, historic neighborhoods, which are anchored by

small businesses,» said Mayor Taveras. «The storefront improvement program is

designed to attract customers to existing businesses, revitalize local business

districts, and enhance the beauty and safety of Providence’s neighborhoods.»


Participating businesses are eligible to receive reimbursements for 50-percent of

eligible storefront costs, up to $10,000. The city’s Department of Economic

Development will assist small businesses that wish to make changes to their exterior

storefronts, including awnings, signage, windows, doors, permanent landscaping, and

façade improvements. The program is open to small businesses with 18 or fewer

full-time employees.


This morning’s announcement was held at Los Andes Restaurant on Chalkstone Avenue.



«We’re excited to see a new storefront improvement program in Providence and look

forward to applying for funding to help revitalize our restaurant,» said Cesin Curi,

co-owner of Los Andes Restaurant. «Customers are often attracted by the look of our

storefronts and the funding will help us to draw new customers while beautifying our



To be eligible for the program, a business must meet at least one of the following



·         Business serves a predominantly low/moderate income population


·         Business will  be able to create a job for a low/moderate income individual


·         Business will be removing neighborhood blight as part of the project


The program is funded with $250,000 from the Providence Economic Development

Partnership, and applications will be accepted, reviewed and approved on a rolling

basis, based on the availability of funding.

«This is a great opportunity to make a direct impact in the economic well-being of

our small businesses, while improving the quality of life of our neighborhoods,»

said James S. Bennett, director of economic development.


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