Raimondo and Fung «engage in destructive political games,» says Ken Block

 Raimondo and Fung  «engage in destructive political games,»  says Ken Block

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Block says Democrat Gina Raimondo and Republican Allan Fung are «engaging in destructive political games instead of working to solve the state’s problems.»

«There is one main reason why Rhode Island has wound up as one of the worst states for jobs in the country: career politicians who pander for votes and make awful decisions as a result,» said Block.

Block pointed to a Wall Street Journal article describing how Treasurer Raimondo got the State Investment Commission to pull pension investments out of one of the highest-performing funds in the portfolio due to pressure from the teachers’ unions.

«She’s literally playing politics with the financial security of retired state employees,» said Block. «We can’t tolerate that.»

In Cranston, Block said the Democratic-controlled City Council rejected a police union contract negotiated by Republican Mayor Fung because it was too rich.

«We’ve reached a real mess when Democrats on the council have to impose fiscal discipline on a Republican mayor.

«The voters need to look at these actions and decide if either Treasurer Raimondo or Mayor Fung is strong enough and focused enough on the state’s real needs to be Governor – or whether they would continue in a long line of politicians who knuckle under to labor union special interests.»