Pawtucket – Mayor Donald R. Grebien is urging residents to go on line and to vote for the newly reconstructed Pawtucket River Bridge as the top transportation projects in the United States. “Already the Pawtucket River Bridge has been recognized as one of the top ten Transportation Projects in the country”, said Mayor Grebien. “All of us here in Pawtucket know how well the bridge turned out. It has become a major gateway to our city and at night stands as a beacon to the thousands of travelers passing through out city each week.”

The award is being given by The American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials, AAA, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Grebien continued, “We are up against some stiff competition including the Oakland Bay Bridge, the Mississippi River Bridge in Illinois and the SH99/Grand Park Segment E in Texas. It’s time to show our pride in Pawtucket and Rhode Island by taking the time to get on-line and voting.” Those interested in voting for the Pawtucket River Bridge can do so by going to

The contest runs from September 8 – October 24, 2014. Each person who goes on-line can vote up to ten time per day. The Grand Prize will be selected by a panel of transportation experts. The People’s Choice Award by will determined by on-line voters. Both winning projects will receive an educational grant in the transportation field, or to fund a community service project.

“What an honor it would be to have the Pawtucket River Bridge win the People’s Choice Award. As a community we can make it happen just by going to the website and voting. So I urge everyone to take the time and show your pride in Pawtucket by voting in this contest», Mayor Grebien said in closing.

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