Amica donates fingerprinting machine to Lincoln Police Department

LINCOLN, R.I., Sept. 17, 2014 – Amica Insurance recently donated a portable fingerprinting machine to the Lincoln Police Department in a ceremony held at Amica Center.

The machine, made by Cogent and valued at approximately $10,000, scans the fingerprints onto a connected laptop. Both pieces of equipment are easy to transport, which will give the department the ability to conduct off-site background checks for many local businesses and organizations – like Amica.

“This will help the police greatly,” said T. Joseph Almond, town administrator in Lincoln. “It’s portable, so we can come here and do employee screenings. It’s a good asset to us.”

“We have such a strong relationship with the Lincoln Police Department,” said Mark Coulter, assistant vice president in the corporate services department at Amica. “This was an opportunity to provide some goodwill and say thank you to the town.”

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