Latino Public Radio Launches New Educational Program Invest in Your Strengths

 Latino Public Radio Launches New Educational Program Invest in Your Strengths

Saturday 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Providence – ACE High School and Latino Public Radio are launching a new radio show on
Saturdays from nine to ten in the morning. «Invest in your Strengths» a
bilingual program that focuses on education and our youth and explores how
we can develop our talents to turn them into strengths that lead us to
professional and personal success.

*Q: Vanessa, why ACE started this program? *
We started this program because we want to bring this message to parents
and the community in general. We want our community to join us in this
process of helping our young people prepare for 21st century careers and to
discover and cultivate their talents.

*Q: Will there be involvement of ACE staff? *Yes, our principal, teachers
and students are preparing to be part of the series. We also expect the
parents of our students to get involved in this process and participate in
the program because at home they can also have these conversations with
their children and can help us in this process of helping them get into
those professions that are going to be very profitable for them in the
coming decades.

*Q: Who else can we anticipate will participate in the series? *
We will involve the organizations we work with in the community, our
partners in this process of helping the students. We will have guests from
industry, people who are looking for the talent we are educating. Also
academics who work in universities and are adopting this same philosophy of

*Q: Send a message to Parents who will listen to this program.*

To the parents of ACE students and the community at large, I hope you will
listen to this series to learn about what is happening in our school, what
your children are learning, and how you can help guide them to a future
where they use their talents to have a great career. Be part of this