Hi, I’m Clay Pell

 Hi, I’m Clay Pell

Providence – LPRnews

I am announcing my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Rhode Island.

Over the last few months, I’ve traveled across our state. and have heard from so many people who are frustrated and who are worried about the future.

I decided to run for governor because I believe that I can help to restore hope and economic growth in our state.

I bring a distinct set of skills and problem solving experience from outside of politics.

As an officer in the Coast Guard, I led men and women in uniform.

As Director for Strategic Planning for President Obama’s national security team, I worked to ensure that resources were focused on areas of growth and opportunity.

And at the Department of Education, I led the government’s efforts to start equipping our students with international and language skills they need to seize opportunities in the global economy.

The truth is, there are no easy ways to create jobs and get Rhode Island’s economy back on track.

But we can begin by getting rid of the cronyism and insider politics that have held back our state economy.


That’s why, as candidate for governor, I will not accept contributions from PACS or state lobbyists.


In the months ahead, I will lay out a detailed plan to build Rhode Island’s economy.


I hope you will visit my website – ClayPell.com – or follow me on social media.


While many of you may not know me yet, you may have known my grandfather.


I learned a lot from him – like the importance of integrity and finding common ground.


My grandfather was a soft-spoken man but he understood that you don’t have to be loud to be strong. What you need to do is care about people, and be determined to pursue a path that will help people and give them a fair chance. That is what Pell grants are all about.


I plan to carry on that tradition of public service and work to restore hope for the future. Hope is the motto of our state, and that motto was probably inspired by a verse from the bible – “we hope as an anchor of the soul.”


We need that anchor of hope again here in Rhode Island.


Please feel free to send your questions or ideas at: Clay@ClayPell.com.


I’d really like to hear from you.


So thank you for listening, and Michelle and I look forward to meeting you around the state in the months ahead.