Brown Medical Student Katie Brooks, MD

Katie Brooks is this week’s Medical Apprentice. She speaks fluent Spanish and said that she decided to become a doctor later in life. While in college she majored in Political Science, taking classes in sociology and Hispanic Studies. She also worked as a social worker in Philadelphia, working primarily with AIDs patients. Through her interactions with these patients and their doctors, she decided that medical school was a good choice for her. Katie combines her educational and work experience into her work as a doctor and believe it shapes the way in which she executes her profession.

Katie explains that she became interested in medicine because she realized that as she progressed in her career as a social worker, it would actually taker her away from the people she was most passionate about helping. She finds that being a doctor offers her the perfect mix of intellect and personal interaction as she continues advancing in her chosen career.

For this episode, Katie decided to talk about vaginitis and vaginal infections. She explains what is normal for the vagina and what are symptoms that may alert a woman that something is not normal.

The following episode is in Spanish only.

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