Carlos M. Diaz To Seek Providence City Council Post In Ward 8

Long time Providence activist Carlos M. Diaz announces today he will seek a position on the Providence City Council representing Ward 8!
Diaz, 42 immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic in 1983. “Since moving to this great country, I have had to watch my neighborhood continue to deteriorate,” Diaz said. Pointing to high crime and high unemployment, Diaz believes “enough is enough”.
Carlos Diaz and his wife (Emilia) reside at 140 Burnett Street in Providence. A 1991 graduate of Central High School he also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from New England Institute of Technology.
From his early days as a teenager working at McGrane Pool, Mr. Diaz understands the importance of hard work and getting a good education. Diaz states, “I am running for City Council in Ward 8 because neighborhoods matter. Here is where we live, work and raise our families. I will not stand by any longer and watch my community crumble”.
Diaz believes that in order to have a strong economy you must have a diverse economy and City Hall should be open to ALL people, not just a selected few. Continuing with his enough is enough theme, Diaz went on to say, “We are tired of being made to feel like second class citizens”.
Mr. Diaz believes in giving back to the community. He serves as a volunteer on the Board of Trustees for the RI Criminal Justice Hall of Fame; which recognizes people for their work in fighting crime. Carlos served as member of the Board of Directors of the RI Tax Clinic, which helps local families prepare their income taxes, and is a Founding Member of the Instituto Duartiano De RI. Carlos is also a Democratic State Committeeman for district 10.