Youth to Senior Snow Shoveling Program to Continue this Winter


Pawtucket – Mayor Donald R. Grebien and Senior Liaison Beth Roberge announced today
that the Pawtucket’s Youth to Senior Shoveling Program will begin accepting requests
from Pawtucket seniors to be placed on the list to be matched with a snow shoveling
volunteer for this winter on October 1st. After another successful season last year
matching dedicated youth volunteers with senior citizens from the Pawtucket
community who need assistance in shoveling their stairs and sidewalks, the City of
Pawtucket is proud to continue this program.

Through this program, youth volunteers donate their time and effort to help elderly
residents of Pawtucket who are unable to shovel snow during the harsh winter months.
Youth are paired with senior citizens in their neighborhood and are deployed to the
senior’s residence during and after snowfall that requires shoveling. Shoveling
stairs poses numerous health risks to seniors. This program is designed to reduce
seniors’ exposure to those risks in difficult winter conditions. Thanks to the help
of Lisa Fonseca and the Pawtucket Public School Department, the City’s Senior
Liaison is able to recruit student volunteers from our schools.

Seniors interested in receiving shoveling assistance or obtaining further
information about the program can contact the director of the program, Beth Roberge.
Ms. Roberge, Senior Liaison for the City of Pawtucket, can be reached by calling
401-728-0500, extension 241. If Ms. Roberge is not immediately able to answer,
people are encouraged to leave a message with their complete name, address and
telephone number. Ms. Roberge may also be contacted by emailing

Seniors should note that this volunteer-based service is not guaranteed, even if
they called in early and were placed on the list. The service is contingent upon the
availability of youth volunteers in the neighborhood. Seniors will be paired with
youth who are signed up to volunteer in their neighborhoods. It is also important
for seniors to note that if they were on the list last year, they must reapply to be
placed on the list again this year. The City of Pawtucket is committed to serving as
many residents as possible through this initiative, and thanks all volunteers for
serving the community.