US Senate Takes an Historic Step


Providence: State Representative Bobby Nardolillo reflected this morning on the historic work completed by the US Senate late. «As a Republican Candidate for one of Rhode Island’s two seats, I followed the proceedings on Tax Reform legislation with interest.» He said. Nardolillo took note of two particular accomplishments in the late-night session. «First, Senate Leadership stepped up and saw to it that legislation passed which promotes further economic growth such as our nation has enjoyed since the 2016 Election.» He continued. «Almost as important is the fact that the Chamber passed the Bill under Regular Order.» The US Senate operates under a number of complicated parliamentary protocols. ‘Regular Order’ refers to the prolonged process of conducting Committee hearings on proposals, then opening floor debate for Amendments, then taking individual Amendments up before including them or not in the final version of the measure.

This traditional method of crafting new laws has the drawback of taking enormous amounts of the Senate’s Calendar in order to produce any effect. For that reason both Democrat and Republican Majorities in the Senate have taken the expedient of simply using their numbers to force pre-packaged legislation through without exposing it to the need for compromise that’s implicit in Regular Order. «The Tax Reform package passed last night is notable for the openness with which it moved through the Chamber.» Bobby said.

«Now we have the example of a measure that promises to accelerate the US Economy, for the benefit of all Americans.» The Candidate noted. «In that way this Bill is just like the Kennedy Tax Reform of the early 1960’s and the Reagan Tax Reform of the mid 1980’s.» Nardolillo pointed to both those federal tax realignments as having been directly responsible for prolonged periods of economic prosperity in the United States. He expects nothing less of the final version of this measure, which he believes will be enacted after the work of a House-Senate Conference.

«The only disappointing feature of this Senate action that I can see is the failure of Democrats like Senator Whitehouse (D-RI) to even consider it on its merits.» Nardolillo said. «I see that as a failure to take action on behalf of the people of our state and nation. But he and I will have our chance to debate that during the upcoming general election campaign.»

Bobby Nardolillo is a working Rhode Islander, born and bred, who is taking time out to run for the US Senate because of his conviction that government at all levels has failed its taxpaying constituents. He intends to build on his two terms in the General Assembly to bring both legislative experience and new blood to Washington, DC. Follow his campaign on the web at, or on Facebook at ‘Bobby 4 Senate 2018.’