Former Rep. Trillo Comments on Governor Raimondo/Infosys Announcement and Job Creation in Rhode Island

Governor Raimondo is touting her success by announcing that Infosys is promising to create 500 jobs in Rhode Island by 2022. This comes after three months of embarrassing job losses which are reflective of the state’s general business climate which is hostile to business and jobs. What the governor’s office is less interested in announcing are the millions in taxpayer-funded incentives they have to give to such companies to attract any jobs. Unlike what is happening on the national level under President Trump and his efforts to cut business-killing regulations and taxes to create jobs, Rhode Island chooses “business as usual” through special deals and corporate welfare programs at the taxpayer’s expense. Why not improve the overall business climate in order to allow real job growth?

It is perhaps no coincidence that the Providence Journal coined Rhode Island “New England’s Poverty Capital” in an editorial this morning. Our poverty rate is 12.8%, with over 170,000 on food stamps, among the highest rates in the country and all up under Gov. Raimondo. As the Journal points out, pushing welfare benefits along with poor employment opportunities leads to a higher number of people living in poverty. Under Gov. Raimondo’s failed policies, Rhode Islanders remain dependent on the state rather than finding real growth and opportunities to pursue the American dream.