Trump Reiterates Obama ‘Founded’ Islamic State Comment


 Trump has previously accused Democratic presidential nominee Clinton of backing policies that led to the terrorist group’s creation. But he deepened his criticism Wednesday of the current U.S. administration, also saying of Islamic State militants, «in many respects, you know, they honor President Obama.»

The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq is widely seen as a destabilizing war that precipitated the current crisis in Syria. Some Republicans have criticized Obama and Hillary Clinton for not being aggressive enough in attacking the Islamic State group as it was seizing territory in Iraq and Syria two years ago. But no top Republican has gone so far as to accuse Obama of founding the group.

Trump’s controversial statements and blunt attacks on his political opponents have divided the Republican party, with some leading party members denouncing his candidacy and calling him unfit to lead.

Opinion polls have showed his campaign is in danger, with Trump trailing Clinton in several key states and his support eroding in some traditional Republican strongholds.