Trillo and Fung: A Three Ring Circus


Trillo admits to assaulting teenage Mattiello, blames Fung for leak

Fung ousts young woman from Young Republicans for saying Trillo performed better in debate

RI Democrats Executive Director: “I can’t even”

WARWICK, RI – Barnum and Bailey’s ended its tour at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center last year, but it’s been replaced in Rhode Island by the Fung-Trillo Three Ring Circus.

In the first ring of the Republican Circus, a student member of the Rhode Island Young Republicans said Tuesday that she had been ousted from the organization after voicing her opinion that Allan Fung did not win the most recent gubernatorial debate.

“This is exactly who Allan Fung is. He uses the apparatus of the Republican Party to silence those who speak out against him,” said Emily Samsel, Communications Director for the Rhode Island Democratic Party. “It’s outrageous that he would lean on the GOP machine to push anyone who challenges him out of the party. No one should be surprised, though — this is the same guy accused of running Cranston’s police department ‘like the mafia.’”

It’s not the first time Allan Fung’s Republican apparatus has ousted a young woman from the Young Republican organization. In February, a female member was pushed out of the Rhode Island Young Republicans after confronting a Fung ally, Rob Sullivan, the former president of the Rhode Island Young Republicans, with allegations of sexual harassment. Sullivan was nominated for the post by Mayor Fung’s wife, who also serves as a top advisor to the Fung campaign.

The second ring of the Republican Circus featured a bizarre half hour of talk radio Wednesday morning. Joe Trillo admitted he was charged with assaulting Speaker Mattiello when Trillo was in his 30s and Mattiello was a teen. Trillo blamed the GOP’s standard bearer, Allan Fung, for leaking the story.

“Fung and Trillo are both Trump candidates, and they’ve brought the Trump Circus to Rhode Island. They’re both unfit for office and promise to do nothing except drag Rhode Island backwards,” said Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye, Executive Director, Rhode Island Democratic Party.

In the third and final ring of the circus, Trillo hyped up a mid-day talk radio appearance and set the scene to an old plot from the Three Stooges, describing an altercation with former Representative Larry Ehrhardt, a Fung supporter. As Trillo tells it, Ehrhardt attempted to poke him in the eyes with two fingers. Ehrhardt insists he only tried to squeeze Trillo’s nose.

“Silly season has arrived in the Ocean State, but Trump’s masters of distraction in Rhode Island will not take our focus off the stakes on November 6,” said Olasanoye. “Electing Democrats who will keep bringing the change Rhode Islanders need and deserve is our best defense against this ridiculous GOP Circus.”

While Trillo and Fung made fools of themselves, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo spent Wednesday speaking to the Rhode Island School Safety Conference and meeting with the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association to accept their endorsement of her re-election campaign and discuss the future of manufacturing in Rhode Island.