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Mayor Elorza Outlines Aggressive Approach to Potholes

PROVIDENCE, RI - Mayor Jorge O. Elorza today outlined efforts to aggressively and systematically repair potholes throughout the City of Providence. Mayor Elorza announced that Department of Public Works has potholes crews out repairing roadways daily. These efforts are guided by daily, proactive surveys of streets and by the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services, to […]Load more...

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City of Providence Working to Repair Potholes City

PROVIDENCE, RI – The City of Providence is executing an aggressive program to systematically repair potholes throughout the city. Severe winter weather, including multiple snowstorms and daily cycles of freezing and thawing, has made this a challenging winter to combat potholes. Work crews are systematically repairing potholes throughout Providence based on daily surveys of roadways […]Load more...