Mayor Elorza Outlines Aggressive Approach to Potholes

 Mayor Elorza Outlines Aggressive Approach to Potholes

PROVIDENCE, RI - Mayor Jorge O. Elorza today outlined efforts to aggressively and systematically repair potholes throughout the City of Providence.

Mayor Elorza announced that Department of Public Works has potholes crews out repairing roadways daily. These efforts are guided by daily, proactive surveys of streets and by the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services, to identify and prioritize repairs. Roadways are prioritized based on level of traffic and condition of the roadway.

This year, the City is using new equipment to help improve the speed and quality of pothole repairs. The City has more than tripled the number of asphalt compactors used to compress and smooth the surface of patches. Additionally, the City has introduced the use of a 'hot box' to keep asphalt on the patch truck hot for longer periods of time, meaning greater consistency in hot patch repairs and fewer resupply

"Potholes are a serious concern and hindrance to daily travel and business in the City. This winter has been severe and created challenging road conditions as we head into spring," said Mayor Elorza. "I remain committed making sure our response to potholes works. That's why we have increased the amount of equipment available to our patch crews, implemented new equipment to improve the quality of our patches and are proactively surveying and prioritizing streets based on traffic and condition."

Residents are encouraged to report potholes to the Mayor's Office by calling 401-421-2489 or through the ProvConnex website<> and mobile app. Reports help City
find areas that need prioritization and inform the prioritization process.

Potholes develop when water seeps under the road surface which then freezes and expands, forcing the surface up - leaving pockets of air that cars and trucks eventually break into, creating more damage. This time of year, the constant cycle of freezing and thawing exacerbates this process.

Historic and frequent snow and consistently low temperatures throughout the winter have made filling potholes virtually impossible until recent reprieves in the weather pattern.  Along with the heavy plowing, this has created a challenging number of potholes throughout the City.

Drivers may file claims to the City of Providence for alleged injuries or damages as a result of potholes. Claims forms are available at: 
Claims must be submitted to the Department of City Clerk, together with copies of two estimates, and any documents pertaining to the claim, including medical bills. Claims must be submitted within
seven days from that of the incident.