City of Providence Working to Repair Potholes City

 City of Providence Working to Repair Potholes City

PROVIDENCE, RI – The City of Providence is executing an aggressive program to systematically repair potholes throughout the city.

Severe winter weather, including multiple snowstorms and daily cycles of freezing and thawing, has made this a challenging winter to combat potholes.

Work crews are systematically repairing potholes throughout Providence based on daily surveys of roadways throughout the city, in conjunction with individual reports from residents to the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services. The City has five crews fixing potholes on the streets today. Work crews are prioritizing potholes on all main roads, followed by secondary roads.

«The potholes that have resulted from this year’s severe winter weather are the worst that I can recall in many years,» said Mayor Angel Taveras. «There are a lot of potholes to fill, but we are working hard to address potholes across all neighborhoods to make our streets safe and passable. I encourage residents to continue to report potholes to the city so that they can be addressed as quickly as possible.»

Residents are encouraged to report potholes to the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services at 401-421-2489, or directly via the City of Providence’s website These reports are valuable in assisting the City to improve road conditions in a timely manner.



When the temperature drops below freezing, rainwater and melted snow on the roadway expands as ice in any fissure, opening a crack that will take on more water when the temperature rises. This cycle of freezing and thawing creates potholes quickly.

Potholes also develop when water seeps under the road surface, freezes and forces the surface up, and then melts again – leaving pockets of air that cars and trucks eventually break into, creating more damage.



Drivers may file claims to the City of Providence for alleged injuries or damages as a result of potholes. Claims forms are available at: Claims must be submitted to the Department of City Clerk, together with copies of two estimates, and any documents pertaining to the claim, including medical bills. Claims must be submitted within seven days from that of the incident. Completed claim forms should be sent to:


Office of the City Clerk

Providence City Hall

25 Dorrance Street

Providence, RI 02903



In spring 2013, Mayor Taveras launched the Providence Road Improvement Project, the city’s efforts to rebuild and repair approximately 65 miles of roads, or one out of every six roads, in Providence. In 2013, 31.9 miles of roads were paved under the Improvement Project. This year, an additional 32.4 miles will be repaired and rebuilt.

The road improvement work is funded by a $40 million bond that was overwhelmingly approved by city voters in November 2012. Roads were selected for repair using the United States Army Corp of Engineers’ merit-based analysis.