State Police, Pawtucket Police Department Complete Joint Investigation of Arrest at Tolman High School

 State Police, Pawtucket Police Department Complete Joint Investigation of Arrest at Tolman High School

Pawtucket – A joint investigation of an October 14th incident at Tolman High School
conducted by the Rhode Island State Police and the Pawtucket Police Department
Internal Investigation unit, has concluded that the School Resource Officer (SRO)
involved, acted reasonably and in keeping with his training, with the use of force
applied to a takedown maneuver resulting in the arrest of two juveniles. Officer
Jared Boudreault, in accordance with the findings of the report, has been exonerated
of any criminal wrongdoing and no charges are being filed against him.
Based on the nature of a cell phone video taken on October 14, 2015 and the
sensitivity of the incident involving the SRO and two students from Tolman High
School, it was determined that a joint internal investigation of the incident should
be conducted and agreed to by Chief Paul King and Colonel Steven G. O’Donnell of the
Rhode Island State Police (RISP),

The State Police reviewed all materials and documentation relating to the
investigation including all witness statements and videos. Based on the information
received, the RISP and Pawtucket Police Department (PPD) reviewed video and radio
recordings and contacted over two dozen individuals regarding the incident.
Investigators also contacted the legal counsel of the two juveniles who were
arrested, however their counsel declined to produce them for a formal statement.

All the evidence documented and substantiated that school resource officer Jared
Boudreault was assaulted prior to what was captured on video.

Additionally, as part of the investigation, investigators consulted the following
agencies: the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy Training, Pawtucket Police
Department In-Service Use of Force, Rhode Island State Police Defensive Tactics
Experts and School Resource Officer Training. Each of the agencies that were
consulted concluded individually that Officer Jared Boudreault acted reasonably and
utilized the proper use of force when confronted with this situation.
«This joint investigation conducted by the Rhode Island State Police and Pawtucket
Police Department, was requested to ensure that every possible facet of this
incident was examined,» said Public Safety Director Antonio Pires of the report
findings. «After careful and diligent examination of the facts and evidence of this
case, the investigation has determined that Officer Boudreault acted reasonably and
in keeping with his training in the midst of what was a very volatile and fluid
situation at Tolman,» continued Pires.

«Officers of the Pawtucket Police Department receive an exceptional amount of
training for the difficult scenarios they may encounter when conducting their sworn
duties,» said Pawtucket Police Chief Paul King. «Officer Boudreault, a thirteen-year
veteran of the Department, relied on his years of training and experience when he
responded with the amount of force that this unfortunate situation called for,» King

Colonel O’Donnell states «This investigation was conducted by Rhode Island State
Police detectives assigned to our Professional Standards Unit in conjunction with
the Pawtucket Police Department. After a thorough investigation, which included
dozens of interviews and review of video surveillance, we have concluded that based
on the circumstances presented to Officer Boudreault at the time of the incident,
his reaction and actions were in compliance with state law and he was also acting
within his department’s policies and procedures.»

«I want to thank Colonel O’Donnell of the Rhode Island State Police for their
assistance in conducting this very thorough investigation with Pawtucket Police
Department’s Internal Affairs team,» said Mayor Grebien. «I also want to thank the
Tolman High School students, faculty and staff, the Superintendent, the Institute
for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence and the Pawtucket community as a whole,
who patiently allowed for this investigation to be conducted and allowed for the
facts and evidence of this case to be made clear. Pawtucket as a community will now
move forward to ensure that every young person in Pawtucket is able to learn in a
safe school environment.»