Smithfield, Rhode Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Recognized for Excellence


BOSTON – The Smithfield Wastewater Treatment Plant was recently honored with a “2015
Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Excellence Award” by the US Environmental
Protection Agency’s New England regional office. The Smithfield Wastewater
Treatment Plant, led by Superintendent Karen Goffe, was recognized for exceptional
work in operating and maintaining the wastewater treatment plant. The plant was one
of five facilities in New England acknowledged for exemplary performance during

The EPA Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Excellence Award was established to
recognize and honor the employees of publicly owned wastewater treatment plants for
their commitment to improving water quality with outstanding plant operations and
maintenance. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management was
instrumental in nominating the Smithfield Facility.

“The professionals operating these wastewater treatment plants, as well as the
municipalities and the state environmental agencies that support them, are essential
to keeping our environment and our communities healthy by protecting water quality.
I am proud to acknowledge these outstanding contributions to help protect public
health and water quality and give these operators the credit they deserve,” said
Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA’s New England Office.

EPA’s New England office formally acknowledged the Smithfield Wastewater Treatment
Plant for their outstanding work during the annual New England Water Environment
Association Conference in Boston on January 27th.