Representative Roberts’ Bill Will Even the Playing Field for Home Schooled Students New Bill Aimed at Encouraging More Students to Attend College

STATE HOUSE — Representative Sherry Roberts (R-District 29; Coventry, West
Greenwich) submitted a bill which will allow home schooled students to take
advantage of the «Dual Enrollment Equal Opportunity Act».

Currently, under the definition of the law, home schooled students are not eligible
for the «Dual Enrollment Equal Opportunity Act», which allows high school students
to take college level courses for credit. According to RIDE 4,500 Rhode Island high
school students have taken college classes, for credit, at no personal cost.

«It’s simply not fair that home schooled students in Rhode Island do not have the
same educational and financial opportunities as high school students. I want to
legally change the definition, so home schooled students are just as eligible for
the «Dual Enrollment Equal Opportunity Act. It just makes sense to allow home
schooled students to have access to college level courses, save money, finish
college sooner, and enter the workforce faster,» said Roberts.