Is anyone surprised at how unpopular Governor Raimondo is?

Warwick, RI – Less than one
week after CNBC ranked Rhode Island as the 6th worst state for doing business, a new
Morning Consult poll has been released which shows Governor Gina Raimondo is “among
the most unpopular governors” in the nation and faces a “difficult path to
re-election next year.» According to this poll, Raimondo only has a 43% percent
approval rating while almost half the voters disapprove of her. Raimondo is this
unpopular despite the fact that over the past few months, the Democratic Governors
Association has spent hundreds of thousands propping her up. Meanwhile, out of state
media with limited knowledge of the reality here in Rhode Island continue publish
puff pieces about Raimondo in which she is referred to as a “would-be presidential
contender.” Rhode Island Republican Party Chairman Brandon S. Bell commented: “Is
anyone surprised at how unpopular Governor Raimondo is? Rhode Island ranks near or
at the bottom for taxes and business climate in the nation. Why wouldn’t Raimondo
rank the near the bottom as well? What is Raimondo proposing to lift Rhode Island
out of our nation’s economic basement? Millions more in taxpayer handouts to out of
state companies; a $38 million taxpayer subsidized PawSox deal to benefit her
campaign donors. Rhode Islanders want real tax relief, not more special deals by
Raimondo.” Bell concluded: “Raimondo wears her ambition on her sleeve and treats
Rhode Island as her stepping stone. People know this, which is another reason why
her poll numbers here at home are so bad. My advice to Raimondo is this: follow the
example of your predecessor Governor Lincoln Chafee, when he faced poor polling
numbers at home. Drop out of the race for Governor and run for the office you really
want. The office you think you deserve – President of the United States. It will be
wonderful to see Rhode Island vote for a Republican president for the first time
since 1984 with you at the top of the ticket.” Rhode Island Republican Party