DHS Releases July RI Bridges Data Dashboard Shows Nearly 29 Percent Drop in Pending Applications in June


CRANSTON, R.I. – The Rhode Island Department of Human Services (DHS) today released
the detailed performance metrics dashboard that includes June data to help track the
progress of the State’s UHIP turnaround effort.

Highlights from the dashboard include:
* The number of pending applications in the system continues to drop. It is
5,781 as of July 3, a nearly 29 percent reduction in June.
* The number of pending medical applications has been reduced by 32 percent
in June, falling from 6,003 to 4,058.
* The number of pending SNAP applications remained steady, indicating we are
now beginning to keep pace with the incoming volume. Of the 1,065 pending SNAP
applications that remain, nearly 58 percent need additional client action to make an
eligibility determination.

«While the reduction of the backlog is an important indicator of our progress, the
DHS team is developing additional metrics to help us understand how we are impacting
the customer experience,» said new DHS Director Courtney E. Hawkins. «We need to
ensure that a commitment to high quality customer experience is at the center of our
work and remains a central guiding principle to everything we do.»

«Our team is working hard every day to better serve Rhode Island families,» said
Director Zachary W. Sherman of HealthSource RI, who Governor Gina Raimondo announced
in May would take over the day-to-day management of the UHIP turnaround efforts. «We
have made multiple workforce and system improvements which have allowed us to
significantly cut down the backlogs week over week. We know there is still work to
be done and we are determined to continue making progress toward a more streamlined
delivery of services.»

The dashboard will be updated monthly.