RI House GOP Members Rank Highest For Supporting RI Small Business Community


STATE HOUSE — Rhode Island House Minority Caucus members have announced the
latest ratings from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Rhode
Island’s largest small business association, which recently released its legislative
rankings for the 2015-16 session of the General Assembly. According to the advocacy
group, RI House Republicans rank among the highest for supporting small business in
Rhode Island. The NFIB says the results show progress with job creation, but lots
of work remains to be done.

«Last session’s priorities for the small business community included the minimum
business corporation tax, energy costs, regulatory reforms, truck tolling, and
unemployment insurance reforms. The voting record reflects our continued commitment
to focus on the economic basics for small business owners,» according to NFIB Rhode
Island state director, Bill Vernon. «The day to day cost of running a business, the
motivation to grow one that already exists, and the fiscal impact that hiring
additional employees will have due to regulations and government mandates are always
on the minds of entrepreneurs.»

Representative Anthony Giarrusso (R-District 30 East Greenwich, West Greenwich), a
small business owner himself said, «You are what your voting record says you are.
The best way to fix the economy is through jobs and a good business climate. I am
proud to have an outstanding voting record in business matters.»

According to Representative Michael Chippendale (R-District 40 Foster, Glocester,
Coventry), «The Republican Caucus understands that a strong Small Business community
translates to a strong economy. Our yearly legislative agenda focuses heavily on
eliminating the unnecessary encumbrances placed on small businesses by the state and
aims to create a fertile ground where businesses will develop independently of
government. Government does not create business – entrepreneurs do and they need
the state to let them be so they can do what they do best – create success.»

The voting record was distributed to all NFIB small business members in the state as
a guide to supporting lawmakers that have proven they stand by small business with
their votes on bills before the legislature. While most elected officials claim to
support small businesses, the NFIB voting record provides a clear indication of
which state representatives and state senators are truly supportive of the

«The most significant legislative results included unemployment insurance and
regulatory reforms as well as avoiding a broad-based tax increase. In the future, we
certainly hope to see victories in areas like lower estate taxes for farmers and
small business owners, elimination of the minimum business corporation tax, and
fewer civil lawsuits by reforming the justice system,» continued Vernon. «Lawmakers
that are motivated to improve Rhode Island’s national rankings economically must
fully commit to reducing the cost of doing business and allowing the state’s job
creators, small business owners, to grow and prosper.»

Here’s how RI House GOP members ranked for helping RI small businesses.

Rep. Anthony Giarrusso for scoring 100%
Rep. Patricia Morgan for scoring 100%
Rep. Brian Newberry for scoring 90%
Rep. Michael Chippendale for scoring 90%
Rep. Doreen Costa for scoring 90%
Rep. Sherry Roberts for scoring 90%
Rep. Justin Price for scoring 89%
Rep. Karen MacBeth for scoring 88%
Rep. Joe Trillo for scoring 80%
Rep. Dan Reilly for scoring 80%
Rep. Robert Nardolillo for scoring 80%
Rep. Blake Filippi for scoring 78%
Rep. Robert Lancia for scoring 70%

For more information about how other legislators in Rhode Island ranked, please
visit http://www.nfib.com/pdfs/Rhode-Island-Voting-Record.pdf