Republican Challenger: Langevin Vote on Public Safety Bill  “…A Danger To His Constituency

Republican Challenger: Langevin Vote on Public Safety Bill “…A Danger To His Constituency


Recently, A string of cybersecurity breaches have threatened the privacy of Americans. According to one recent headline, Facebook said “…it discovered a security breach that affects nearly 50 million user accounts. The issue, found by Facebook’s engineering team, allowed hackers to steal Facebook access tokens (equivalent of digital keys that keep people logged in to Facebook so they don’t need to re-enter their password every time they use the app), which they could then use to take over people’s accounts.”


Another story, reporting that hackers have planted credit card stealing malware on local government payment sites, using web payment portals used to pay for local government services, like utilities and permits, as a cybersecurity target.


Although with bi-partisan support, Rhode Island Congressman James Langevin voted nay on a recent bill to address cybersecurity threats – in spite of it passing by a large margin. Langevin is the cofounder and cochairman of the Congressional Cyber Security Caucus.


Today, Republican Congressional Candidate Sal Caiozzo commented on this recent string of cybersecurity threats, Incumbent Langevin’s vote, and their effect on Rhode Islanders. “Cybersecurity is clearly an issue at the forefront of everyday Rhode Islanders, as it has a direct effect on economic, homeland security, and privacy concerns that need immediate government response.”


Caiozzo, a veteran and small business owner, underscores the importance such cybersecurity headlines have on  Rhode Islanders. “With social media and online credit card payments being normalcies for all Rhode Islanders, this calls for immediate action to ensure this does not occur going forward.” Caiozzo said.


On Congressman Langevin’s recent vote: “I am disappointed Rhode Island’s senior Congressman did note vote for a cybersecurity bill that had bipartisan support, showing he has put politics ahead of the cybersecurity needs of his constituency,” Caiozzo said.


“As your Congressman, I would vote in support of any all cybersecurity bills regardless of what party held the gavel,” he said. “Public service is putting the needs of the constituency before politics…always!”