Republican candidate for Governor Ken Block issued a statement regarding the announcement by Cox Communications that it is eliminating hundreds of call center jobs in Rhode Island


“The latest announcement by Cox Communications to cut 234 jobs from its Rhode Island
work force follows a pattern of more of the same in our state," said Block.   "Rhode
Island not only leads the nation in unemployment but continues to lose jobs to other
states and this is unacceptable.  What is even more disturbing is that our elected
officials are not focused on creating an economic climate conducive to attracting
and keeping businesses and jobs here."

Cox Communications announced yesterday that it is eliminating 234 jobs from its
customer call center in West Warwick, nearly twenty percent of its Rhode Island work

"It isn't enough to say that Rhode Island is open for business," Block said. "Until
we give businesses a reason to stay, jobs will continue to leave."

"It is time to rebuild our economy, become more competitive with our neighboring
states and create new jobs,” said Block.  "Career politicians have proven that they
can't solve the problem and it is only getting worse.  I see this crisis as an
opportunity to implement the fundamental changes necessary to fix Rhode Island.  My
plan will lower taxes, stop wasteful spending, and fix our broken government. That
is how we improve our economic competitiveness and create new jobs in Rhode Island."