Reed to Visit Domestic Military Installations and Troops

U.S. Senator Jack Reed, Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, will

spend much of this week at a number of important domestic military installations.


Stops will include Creech Air Force Base and the National Training Center.  Creech

Air Force Base is home to many of our military’s most critical intelligence,

surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and is also a critical asset for

the U.S. Air Force’s combat training and test and evaluation programs.  Creech is

home to many of our military’s remotely piloted aircraft, which play a crucial role

in the fight against ISIL and our broader counterterrorism strategy.


The National Training Center at Fort Irwin plays an essential role in troop

readiness and skills.  Its mission is best summarized as conducting tough,

realistic, Unified Land Operations with our Unified Action Partners to prepare

Brigade Combat Teams and other units.


Reed will travel to other classified installations and will get a firsthand look at

several new technologies currently under development by the military and the private