Raimondo Signs 38 Studios Transparency Legislation


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor Gina M. Raimondo today signed legislation that makes public previously undisclosed records from the state’s investigation of 38 Studios. The Governor also announced her administration will immediately file an objection to a court order obtained in June by Attorney General Peter Kilmartin blocking the release of documents from the 38 Studios investigation even after the Governor has signed the bill into law.

«I was against 38 Studios from the very beginning and believe that Rhode Islanders deserve to know what happened,» Governor Raimondo said. «It’s time for Attorney General Kilmartin to stop opposing the will of the people, and to disclose all 38 Studios investigation records that his office has done everything to block from public view.»

House Bill No. 5347 SUB B, AN ACT RELATING TO PUBLIC RECORDS – 38 STUDIOS, LLC, sponsored by Representative Charlene Lima, and its companion Senate Bill No. 932 SUB A, sponsored by Senator Frank Lombardi, declares that all documents related to the Attorney General and State Police investigation of Curt Schilling’s failed video-game company are public records. Documents created as part of the grand jury investigation into 38 Studios would still require the approval of the Presiding Justice of the Superior Court.

The Governor has been the state’s leading proponent for the release of all documents related to the 38 Studios deal. Starting in 2015, Raimondo oversaw the release of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents from the civil case. After the criminal case was closed, she petitioned the court for the release of all grand jury documents and has appealed the court’s decision to keep the grand-jury documents sealed.

Kilmartin has repeatedly gone to court in order to prevent the disclosure of records related to the 38 studios investigation.

Over the last three years, the Commerce Corporation has reached settlements with various parties involved with 38 Studios. In all, the State has achieved more than $60 million in settlements.