Providence to Give Commission Greater Input into Planning for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

 Providence to Give Commission Greater Input into Planning for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

PROVIDENCE, RI – Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza today announced an effort to revamp
the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) by signing an executive
order granting the commission more say over where bicycle and pedestrian
infrastructure investments, such as crosswalks and bike lanes, are implemented and
how they are designed.

«Having safe areas for pedestrians and bicyclists are one of the keys to having the
fittest city in the country,» said Mayor Elorza. «I am looking forward to hearing
input from the commission to ensure safety for all that walk and ride.»

Under the executive order, most major street and sidewalk repair or construction
projects within Providence will come before the Providence BPAC for review at two
points during their conception and design phases.

«By signing this order, Mayor Elorza sets Providence on track to become an even
better place for walking and biking,» said Eric Weis, Chairman of BPAC. «Whether to
school or work, or for exercise and recreation, when we travel on foot or by bike we
positively impact public health, happiness, and our economy. The growth of this
commission in scope and size means it will be better able to represent all
Providence residents, and better serve the city as a whole.»

This new process will give the members of the Commission a greater say in how the
Capital City’s streets are shaped moving forward and will also provide the public
with an important opportunity to provide input on these decisions.

«This is a huge step forward for bikeability in Providence. How to make streets safe
and comfortable for all road users must be discussed earlier in the design process,»
said Alex Krogh-Grabbe, Executive Director of RI Bicycle Coalition. «The Coalition
is excited about the progress in Providence and can’t wait to see what Mayor Elorza
does next.»

The executive order was announced and signed into place at an event to kick-off an
update to Providence’s Bicycle Master Plan.