Providence City Council Formalizes Support for Paris Climate Accord

PROVIDENCE, RI— The Providence City Council on Thursday unanimously approved and cosponsored a resolution introduced by Councilman Luis Aponte (Ward 10) that formalizes the body’s support for the Paris Climate Accord.

“Our federal government has chosen to neglect its duty to protect America and the world from the harmful effects of climate change,” said Aponte. “Ignoring climate change does not lessen its threat. More responsibility now lies in the hands of local governments across the country to enact policies that protect our planet from further destruction. Cities house the majority of industry and population, which makes it more important than ever for us to take the lead on these issues.”

In addition to affirming the Council’s support of the Paris Climate Accord in full, the resolution also formalizes the Council’s commitment to reducing emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change.