Pretty Woman Will Become a Broadway Musical

One of the most famous fairy tales movies of the 90s, «Pretty Woman» will finally have its Broadway musical debut, after more than ten years of trying, and the writers of the film are already working on the script.
The movie that made Julia Roberts famous and revitalized the career of Richard Gere, has sought to become a musical production since 2001, will get to that version at the hand of Garry Marshall, the 1990 director and screenwriter.
Marshall worked on the script by J. F. Laweton, also responsible for the original screenplay, and Paula Wagner.
Although it is not known who will compose the music and what stars make up the cast, «Pretty Woman» aims to move the film’s success through the story of a lawyer who falls for a prostitute who, in turn, was understood as a reinvention of the classic Cinderella story .
«Pretty Woman» adds to the current trend of adapting Hollywood movies to Broadway, as happened recently with «Rocky,» «The Bridges of Madison County» or » Bullets over Broadway «.

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