Brad Pitt Feels He Is A Good Influence On His Children

Brad Pitt could not be more pleased with the results of his parenting with Angelina Jolie, as each day passes he realizes that his six children have continued to learn and «grow» with his guidance, which consists only of exploring your curiosity and sharing the knowledge gained with everyone around you.
«One of the great privileges given to me though parenthood is the opportunity to be a positive influence on my children. Teaching them things, stimulating learning and encouraging them to share it with others is a beautiful dynamic, especially when time goes by and you see that they are getting older, they mature slowly and get wiser every day,» said the actor.
Although both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie focused most of their efforts on offering a comprehensive education for their children, respecting their privacy is also a major issue, in fact, the Hollywood couple do everything in their power to ensure that the family leads a normal a life as possible .
«I think we’re also doing a good job when it comes to protecting our children. We try to avoid the paparazzi taking pictures of them and for that, Angie and I are willing to do whatever it takes. Normally we enter buildings through the rear doors, avoid large areas such as parks and usually go to half empty beaches to avoid generating too expectation» he revealed.
«When we are all in the house [in France] we feel at peace, because the people there do not care too much having actors as neighbors. The truth is that almost no one pays attention to us,» he joked .

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