Plane Lands Safely After Losing Part Of Its Wing

A Delta plane managed to land without incident Sunday in Atlanta after losing part of the fuselage of the right wing, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The breakdown occurred during flight 2412 which left Orlando, when a part of the right wing, 1 meter by 2.5 meters, snapped for unknown reasons.

The plane, according to federal aviation authorities, landed at 19:10 local time in the Atlanta Airport, where it was towed to the landing zone, without any registered injuries.

The Delta spokesperson, Anthony Black,said that all the passengers remained calm during the flight and there was no sense of danger at any time, although he did acknowledge the concern of the passengers upon seeing a part of the plane disappear.

The FAA  and Delta are investigating the incident to find out the causes that provoked the detachment on the part of the wing of the plane.

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