Plane Deliberately Tried to Evade Radar

The plane disappeared which disappeared 40 minutes after takeoff on March 8 with 239 people aboard descended to 5,000 feet to avoid being detected by the commercial radar.

Malaysia Airline’s B777-200 aircraft data analysis reveals that the plane descended 1,500 meters to disappear from the radar map, while it changed course with destination to a unknown whereabouts.

Researchers suggest that this «masking» had served the aircraft to fly over the Bay of Bengal and go to the North land inside.

«The person in charge of the aircraft has a solid knowledge of navigation and radar, left a clean track», said an official on condition of anonymity in the newspaper New Straits Times.

The Malaysian authorities have asked a number of countries, most in South and Central Asia, to join the search for the Malaysia Airlines aircraft once the investigations confirm that this unit changed course  deliberately and turned to the West.

It is believed that the causes of the disappearance of the plane are:kidnapping, terrorism and someone’s personal or psychological problems in the interior of the aircraft.

This new data opened over the weekend two areas of research: an area that goes from the North of Thailand to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and another that is part of Indonesia and enters the South of the Indian Ocean West of Australia.

The plane was carrying 227 passengers, including seven children, and a crew of 12 Malaysians.

The police have been to the home of the captain in command of the aircraft, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, who built his own flight simulator, although it has not been formally implicated in the alleged kidnapping.

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