Pawtucket police investigate shooting

 Pawtucket police investigate shooting

On November 13, 2016 at approximately 4:00 am the Pawtucket Police Department
responded to 132 Harrison St for reports of shots fired. Upon arrival the officers
were meet by the victim(s), who informed officers that they heard someone knock on
their bedroom window but when they looked outside the suspect(s) attempted to hid.
This occurred a second time before the victim(s) heard the window glass shatter. At
that time the victim(s) realized someone was shooting into the house. The
suspect(s) fired three shots into the home before fleeing on foot. No-one was
injured during this incident.

The Pawtucket Police Department was on scene earlier in the evening for a large
disturbance where two individuals were arrested. Detectives are investigating
whether the two incidents are related.

The investigation is on going.