Notable Republicans Sign On to Work with Joe Trillo as Governor

Warwick, RI) – Joe Trillo, Independent candidate for Governor, announces three outstanding individuals who are agreeing to work with the Trillo administration to bring Rhode Island back on track.

“I have, along with Patricia Morgan, set up a pre-cabinet outline of what the Trillo governorship will offer. I have always believed that we need an Inspector General who can help to maximize the efficiency of state government, to which Arlene Violet, former Attorney General, a woman
with outstanding credentials, has also agreed to serve in my administration,” said Trillo.

“Under Arlene’s guidance and strong leadership, we will be able to begin the investigations that will discover wasteful and abusive spending and eliminated it. In my administration, every dollar must be used for its highest value or returned to taxpayers. If Arlene could take on organized
crime, I assure you she can take on the Statehouse,” continued Trillo.

“John Robitaille has a long and diverse history with small business. He has been a business founder and owner himself and spent 7 years at the Larry Friedman International Entrepreneurship Center at Johnson and Wales University where he coached and helped small businesses get started. His experience makes him an expert on the struggles and impediments that our companies encounter, what needs to change and how to change them. He’s going to help me ignite our stagnant economy.”

“Ken Block has offered to use his technology background to investigate our TDI program free of charge with the goal of significantly reducing the premiums every worker pays. His experience with technology and his demonstrated commitment to government that works well and for the
common good is sorely needed in Rhode Island. I’m going to turn him loose,” said Trillo.

“These men and women have the knowledge, insight, and backbone to take on the hard challenge of turning our state around. Their records of strong, ethical public service speak for themselves. The contributions they will bring to my administration will be the change that Rhode Island desperately needs. Together we will tackle the difficult job of fixing our broken government; I am excited to have them on my team. They are just the beginning of better days and a brighter future for our beloved state,” said Trillo.

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