House Republican Leader Patricia Morgan Endorses Joe Trillo for Governor

Warwick, RI) – Rhode Island independent gubernatorial candidate Joe Trillo is pleased to accept the endorsement of House Republican Leader Patricia Morgan.

“I have known Patricia for over 2 decades and I have been honored to call her my friend and colleague. For years we fought alongside each other in the General Assembly, fighting to improve the lives of all Rhode Islanders and end far-reaching governmental abuses. Patricia is formidable leader who has shown unwavering strength and resilience throughout the entirety of her career. She refuses to back down, and always stands up for what is right” said Trillo.

He continued, “Patricia has continued her fight this year with her battle against our own Attorney General to hold the government accountable. Even with bureaucrats and adversaries trying to silence her, Patricia has stood strong in the face of opposition and continued to fight for documents that Rhode Islanders should be able to access. At great financial and personal cost, Patricia is fighting to bring real change to Rhode Island, and I am humbled to receive her endorsement.”

“It is with truly great pleasure and honor that Patricia and I can once again join forces with the one mission of helping Rhode Islanders. This election presents a chance for real change and hope for all those who have felt lost and disenfranchised by the current administration. Together,
Patricia and I will work tirelessly to ensure every Rhode Islander has a life-long home that they can truly prosper in,” said Trillo.

He finished, “With Patricia’s support I believe that we can reach across party lines and bring people together. I want Republicans and Democrats who feel abandoned by their respective parties to join me in my fight to build a Rhode Island for everyone. A Rhode Island that works for you rather wastes your tax dollars. A Rhode Island that not only you find home, but one your children and grandchildren can find home too. With Patricia’s endorsement, we are building a truly strong team of leaders that will fix this state once and for all.”


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