The New Poll by Harvard University’s John Della Volpe is More in Line with the Trillo Campaign’s Internal Polling

(Warwick, RI) – Independent candidate for Rhode Island governor Joe Trillo, received support from 17 percent of sampled Rhode Island voters in the latest statewide poll conducted by Harvard University’s John Della Volpe. The poll was released today on GoLocalProv.

“This poll is more in line with the internal polling of my campaign, which has us much higher,” said Trillo. “

While I see my path to victory through the math, I know this still understates my support,” said Trillo.

“I knew when I got into this race, I was going up against two candidate who had name recognition of 95% to 99%. While I am still building mine, I am hoping that my message of the issues that Rhode Islanders care about will be heard in the next few weeks and I am confident that I can win this election,” he added.

“I am continuing to reach more and more voters and as they hear my independent platform and record, I hope to continue eating into my opponents numbers.”

“Analysis of this poll reveals that I have support from a cross section of society, looking for change in how state government is run. Fung and Raimondo are incompetent, and everyone knows it. Rhode Islanders are looking for the real deal, straight talk and no B.S.”